Academic Exchange

The Academic Exchange Program enables you to join international center and gain Academic training exposure in Pediatric MIS at various institution in Argentina, Switzerland, UK, USA and
other countries.
As part of this experience, participants will earn academic credit while learning new techniques to shape their future career as well to expand their education, research, network with experts and make lifelong connections with people from around the world.

The way to proceed just simply sends your application at [email protected] and after the initial screening we will forward to the Education Committee.

The Education Committee will evaluate the application and shortlist for interview. The interview process will have two rounds (first to be interviewed by Education Committee/Board Members and second – targeted program).

To participate in the Academic Exchange Program, you must be:

  1. Able to speak fluent English
  2. Active member of IPEG ME Chapter
  3. In his early career

We would like to share with you the institution chart as attached which includes the requirements and general details per each institution.